CRRC Dump Truck Welding Production Line

         This dump truck welding production line is a benchmark factory of CRRC. The entire line realizes automatic conveying, stable conveying and accurate positioning. More than 20 arc welding robots are used in the entire production line. Except for the manual grouping upon the fixture, automatic welding is basically realized. The welding seam is uniformly formed, the welding quality is high, and there is basically no need for grinding after welding, and there is very little manual repair welding. The line is compact and occupies a small area. The line has high flexibility and strong versatility, suitable to produce various models. The whole line welding realizes parametric programming, which greatly reduces the time for on-site teaching programming and improves the utilization rate of the equipment. The welding production line has achieved digitalization and intelligence, and can integrate and intelligently manage product information such as multiple models production information collection, each equipment status monitoring, and single energy consumption, which greatly improves production efficiency and management level.

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