Isuzu Pickup Truck Frame Welding Production Line

         The RG09 (T17) frame welding line construction project completed the flexible co-production of new models, original models and partially expanded models at one time, including 2 series and 9 models, with an annual production capacity of 28,000 vehicles. DUOYUAN Equipment is responsible for the design and analysis of MCP positioning and clamping layout drawings, MCS positioning and clamping cross-sections, longitudinal beam/frame assembly welding deformation and precision control and other documents. Responsible for compiling takt time analysis table, welding parameter table, and station information table for each station (including the sequence and process flow of each station, positioning weld, automatic weld, repair weld, welding speed, positioning and clamping, online inspection and repair, offline inspection and other information content), technique BOM and digital intelligent workshop construction plan, etc.

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