Bus Welding Line for Pakistan

In May 2020, our company received orders of Hydraulic Stretching Machine from Pakistan customers. This order is the first order in the Pakistani market, and our factory takes it very seriously. From technology, production and shipping, a comprehensive plan was made. Pakistan has always been a potential market for the passenger car industry, because there are basically no local bus brands, and Chinese bus brands are gradually entering. This project will serve as our company's sample project in the Pakistan Railway market and will have far-reaching significance for the development of new projects in the later period.
zhengzhou duoyuan Automobile Equipment Co., Ltd.
In mid-May, the technical engineer completed the equipment, machinery and foundation design according to the current status of the customer's plant, and sent it to the customer for confirmation.
The Hydraulic Stretching Machine is expected to reach Pakistan by the end of July. It is hoped that the "DUOYUAN" brand will go further in the Pakistani bus equipment industry.
zhengzhou duoyuan Automobile Equipment Co., Ltd.

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