Bus Welding Line

Bus Welding Line

Bus Assembly line includes bus welding line, bus painting line, bus assembly line and bus testing line.

Bus Welding Line
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Bus Welding Line

Founded in 2004, along with the vigorous development of Yutong Bus and growing, Duoyuan won consentaneous reputation. At the moment, this has been laid a solid foundation for Duoyuan Equipment to be the famous brand of the China's automobile equipment. 


Duoyuan Equipment provides customer SKD(Semi Knocked Down) Bus production Line or CKD(Completely Knocked Down)Bus production Line. Depends on the customers, Duoyuan engineers suggest you to choose SKD as start to open the market first and reduce your cost.

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Introduction of Bus Production Line-School Bus Welding Line

Any machine or device is made up of a variety of parts joined together. According to a certain technical requirements and assembly sequence, a number of parts are joined into parts or a number of parts, components and components, such a process of combining the components into a complete machine is known as the assembly.


Bus assembly is the final part of the entire auto manufacturing process, according to the required accuracy standards and technical requirements, combining tens of millions of various types of the qualified parts after test to be sub-assembly, assembly, and finished bus, and after rigorous testing procedures to confirm whether it is qualified throughout the manufacturing process.


Process of School Bus Production Line

Bus Welding Line

Bus Painting Line 

Bus Assembly Line 

Bus Testing Line


School Bus Welding Line

Bus Welding Line is the main part of the body manufacturing process. Bus frame is a complex structural parts, which is made of more than 100 species of steel structure. Then weld the bus panel on the bus frame.

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                          Bus Part Frame welding                                      Bus Body Frame Assembly                                                Bus Panel Welding

Bus Part Frame Welding: Workers use welding jigs and fixtures to fix the steel structures and then weld them together. After welded, the bus part frame will be finished.

Bus Body Frame Assembly: Using bus frame assembly equipment, the bus body will be welded together.

Bus Panel Welding: With bus side skin stretching machine, the panel will be stretched before welding. Then weld the panel on the frame.


Ralated Bus Production Lines:


School Bus Painting Line

Paint is divided into organic paint and inorganic paint, and the organic paint is the most widely used paint. Painting is required for the function of the design that colors the bus, the function as a guard to protect the bus body from fading and scratches and also, the function of rust protection as well.
A typical bus body paint coating process is a system of electrophoretic primer, middle coating, and finish coat. 

zhengzhou duoyuan Automobile Equipment Co., Ltd.

                    Electrophoretic primer                                                         Middle coating                                                                Finish coat


Shool Bus Assembly Line

Every parts have important function. Bus assembly is the final part of the entire bus manufacturing process, combining thousands of units of the qualified parts together. Then the bus is finished. The main operation process is to assemble the bus body, chassis and interior parts together to form a complete bus.

zhengzhou duoyuan Automobile Equipment Co., Ltd.

                   Assemble Bus Body                                                  Assemble chassis to bus body                                      Assemble interior parts


School Bus Testing Line

zhengzhou duoyuan Automobile Equipment Co., Ltd.

                            Chassis Test                                                                   Brake Test                                                                Shower Test




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