Cargo Van Assembly Line
Cargo Van Assembly Line

Cargo Van Assembly Line

Our company is focusing on the overseas automobile assembly project, including Mini Truck, Pickup, SUV, Van, Mini Car, Sedan, and Bus, now let me introduce you the automobile assembly project as below:

Cargo Van Assembly Line
Cargo Van Assembly Line
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Key Specifications/Special Features:
 1. What can we get from this vehicle assembly project?
1) save customs duty, this is the most important factor, usually, in most of the countries, the customs duty rate for the KD parts (knocked down auto parts) is much less than the rate for the complete vehicle, the government wants to protect or develop their own industry, for example, in Nigeria, the tax rate on CBU (complete vehicle) is 35%, while only 5% for SKD, and zero percentage for CKD, this is a very good policy;
2) save other taxes in your country for assembling such a vehicle in KD parts instead of importing the complete vehicle, for example, to exempt the VAT for 10 years at least in some countries, etc.;
3) save shipping cost, for promote this automobile Assembly Project to the world, it can save the shipping cost, why? To take this small passenger car as an example, with CBU term (complete built unit), one 40HQ container can only load 4 units, but with KD parts, in bulk with large quantities, 6-10 units on average can be loaded in a 40HQ container.
4) Earn your own Intangible Assets: with the automobile assembly project, you can develop and have your own auto brand and logo, and you can also enlarge your markets to your neighboring countries by making use the preferential tariff policies among your communities.
 Cargo Van assembly line of DUOYUAN equipment
What kind of partners we are looking for?
1) Investment Power Requirement: over 1-2 million USD;
2) Land & Workshop Requirement: starting over 10000 square meters land including 8000 square meters workshop at least;
3) Software Requirements: Good Automobile Sales Channel, Familiar with Automobile Industry and Its Business;
4) Hardware Requirements on the Import Tariff: the difference gap between auto spare parts SKD (semi-knocked down) / CKD (completely knocked down) and CBU (complete built unit) shall be at least 30-35%, for example, import tariff on CBU is 35%, instead, on CKD it must be 5% or zero.
What about After-Sales Service?
We propose and provide "REPAIR & MAINTENANCE" After-Sales Service:
1) Found a professional "Repair & Maintenance" service company to ensure the After-Sales Service; 
2) Car spare parts supply;
3) Driving & repairing training guidance


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