New Energy City Bus

• Basic parameters of New Energy City Bus DY6129BEV
• 46+1 Seats, Max.Passengers 79, New energy type

• Local assembly with KD kints available

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BusSpecification Model DY6129BEV DY6129BEV
Length(mm) 11990
Width(mm) 2550
Height(mm) 3200
Wheel base(mm) 6100
Max. Passengers 79/47(46+1)
Max. Speed(km/h) 69
Battery capacity 258Kwh
Mile age(km) 220
ChassisSystem Item Standardconfiguration Remarks
Front axle 7.5T  
Rear Axle 13T  
Suspension system Air suspension with telescopic shock absorber,front 2 rear 4  
Steering system Hydraulic power  
Brake system Dual-circuit air brake system,front disc,rear drum  
Rims 22.5×8.25Aluminium alloy rims

Double Coin275/70R22.5


Steering ZF8098  
Centralized lubrication Equipped  
Wheel cover Not Equipped  
VehicleBodySystem Floor leather Flame retardant floor leather  
Side windows Built-insliding window  
Compartment door Aluminum  
Airventilator Two air ventilator with roof hatch  
Passenger door Front and rear double swing door  
Rearview mirror Electric rear view mirror with heating function  
Driver seat Mechanical six-way and back rest adjustable driver seats  
Passenger seat Cushioned bus seat  
Sunshade Driver side window and sun shade and wind screen sunshade  
Curtains Passengersverticalfoldingsunshade  
Handrail assembly Steelhandrail  
Hangingring Equipped  
Air passage Aluminum alloy duct-AD type  
Safety hammer 6 with alarm safety hammer  
Passenger exitdoor bell Equipped  
Tooling box Equipped,1 tooling box  
Paint Normal paint  
Others Two step  
ElectricalConfiguration Fire extinguisher Automatic fire extinguishing device for high pressure compartmentand battery compartment,2*4kg Dry powder fire extinguisher  
Coin Machine Equippedd  
Storage battery Maintenance free battery,2*100Ah  
Tachograph Equipped  
Digital clock Equipped  
Audiovisual systems MP3 player  
Reversing Monitor 7 inch screen,7 camera,with video function(1T)  
Heater No heating,with electric defrost  
A/C Cold air conditioner,32000kcal  
CAN Instrument Equipped  
Road sign Front,rear and side LED road signs  
NewEnergyConfiguration Power battery 258KWh(Sky source)  
Motor Prestolite:245KW,3100N.m,3000rpm  
transmission Not Equipped  
High voltage control cabinet&Inverter Hhuichuan four in one  
Electric air pump Standard(PMSM),3KW  
Electric power pump unit Quanxing Seiko electric steering pump(PMSM),3KW  


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