Assembly Line Suspended Power Truss

The construction of power truss in the assembly shop production line is of suspended structure, which is strong, rigid and stable enough.

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Equipment Description
The load bearing structure is designed in such a way to avoid stress concentration. It takes the steel roof beam of workshop as the supporting point, with a hanging point below, and stretches down by connecting to an upright post. Facilities on the power truss attach the position lights, power supply cables (AC380V. AC220V), compressed air pipelines, industrial fan, etc.

• Equipment Description :

Driving shaft, #45 steel, adopts integral solid shaft to ensure equal phase angle of the two gears. After heat treatment and quenching treatment, to ensure comprehensive mechanical properties and tooth surface hardness. Overload protection pin is used between transmission chain and traction chain to prevent the motor reducer from being overloaded effectively. At the lowest speed, there is no crawling phenomenon on assembly line.
• Remark :
Functional configurations and bought-in components all can be designated by demander.

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