Pakistan Bus Welding Line Hydraulic Stretching Machine

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In May 2020, we received an order from Pakistani customers for welding cold tension equipment. This order holds great significance for us as it marks our entry into the Pakistani market. We have placed utmost importance on this order, from technology development to production and shipping, ensuring a comprehensive plan.


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Pakistan’s bus industry has immense potential as there are limited local bus brands. With this opportunity, Chinese bus brands are gradually entering the market. This project in the Pakistan railway market is of significant importance and will have far-reaching implications for future projects.


In mid-May, our technical engineers completed the design of the equipment, machinery, and foundation based on the customer’s workshop requirements. These designs were sent to the customer for confirmation. Once the drawings were approved, we proceeded with the processing and procurement of parts in our workshop.


The equipment undergoes pre-delivery testing and debugging


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By early June, all the equipment underwent meticulous processing, factory debugging, tension tests, and pressure maintenance tests. The skin tension state can be observed through the pressure data obtained during the tests. With our exquisite technology and years of experience, the debugging process went smoothly. Despite the customer’s inability to visit our factory due to the ongoing pandemic, we provided remote video assistance to help them understand the equipment’s debugging process and the skin tension state. This level of support left the customer satisfied and highly impressed with the “DUOYUAN” brand.


On June 20, all the goods were successfully packed and shipped. The skin cold tension equipment is expected to arrive in Pakistan by the end of July. We are confident that the “DUOYUAN” brand will continue to make strides in the bus and coach equipment industry.


Welding Line Hydraulic Stretching Machine


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With our diverse range of technical capabilities and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, we look forward to further expanding our presence and delivering exceptional solutions in the market.

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