Auto Vehicle Assembly Line
Auto Vehicle Assembly Line

Auto Vehicle Assembly Line

Auto Vehicle Assembly  Line is the final of the entire auto manufacturing process, according to the required accuracy standards and technical requirements, combining tens of millions pf various types of the qualified parts. 

Auto Vehicle Assembly Line
Auto Vehicle Assembly Line
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Auto Vehicle Assembly lines are designed for the sequential organization of workers tools or machines and parts.The motion of workers is minimized to the extent possible.All parts or& assemblies are handled either by conveyors or motorized vehicles such as fork lifts, or gravity, with no manual trucking. Heavy lifting is done by machines such as overhead cranes or fork lifts. Each worker typically performs one simple operation.

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The principles of assembly are these:


(1) Place the tools and the men in the sequence of the operation so that each component part shall travel the least possible distance while in the process of finishing.


(2) Use work slides or some other form of carrier so that when a workman completes his operation, he drops the part always in the same place-which place must always be the most convenient place to his hand-and if possible have gravity carry the part to the next workman for his own.


(3) Use sliding assembling lines by which the parts to be assembled are delivered at convenient distances.


The complete automobile assembly line production line is consisted by stamping, Welding line, Painting line, Assembly line, and Testing line,


General Assembly Process:


Body Line (Interior trim Line 1) - Chassis Assembly-Assembly Line for Interior Trim Line 2 - Movement Test - Four Wheel Positioning - Light Detection - Hub Testing (Braking, Vehicle Speed) - Exhaust Analysis Test - 100% Road Test-Rain Test - Commercial Vehicle Delivery.


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