Side Skin Electric Stretching Machine
Side Skin Electric Stretching Machine

Side Skin Electric Stretching Machine

Electrical retching Machine adapts the thermal expansion theory, applying high current electrical heating(up to 6000A to vehicle side skin, With short time pneumatic stretch, the welding process finished; and then skin will return to normal temperature so as to ensure the skin free of wave and reduce the amount of putty use in the next painting process.

Side Skin Electric Stretching Machine
Side Skin Electric Stretching Machine
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• Equipment introduction :
The equipment is for bus side skin stretching before welding, which ensure that the skin will be waveless after welding, improve the appearance quality of the car body and the overall performance. The equipment can be used for bus with the length of 8 to 13.7 meters, width between 350 and 1250mm, thickness between 0.8 and 1.2mm.

• Equipment Structure :

1) Three-phase secondary rectification transformer is used as the heat source in the heating device, with good heating effect and fast heating speed.

2) The clamping conductive mechanism of the heating device of the equipment is connected with copper plate and copper cable, with high thermal conductivity and low heat loss.

3) The heating device of the equipment consists of resistance heater, clamp the energizing mechanism and cable.

• Stretching Component :

1) Stretching component is adopted for Pneumatic tension. Our company adopts the oil cylinder (model: SE125*200), and the tension force is greater than 4000N.

2) The stretching device of the equipment consists of beam lifting device and pneumatic mechanism.

Main Technical Parameters


Width of stretched skin

300mm ~ 1350mm

Stretched skin length

6500mm ~ 13000mm

Stretch rate of stretched skin

Not less than 1mm/1000mm

Height of the upper edge skin to the ground


Height of the lower edge the skin to the ground


Heating Temperature

70 ~ 120 ℃

Skin heating time

1 ~ 3min; (note: for the longest and widest skin in winter)

Expansion tension of skin cylinder

A single cylinder is greater than 4000N

Applicable bus body width

2000mm-2600mm; Applicable bus body height: 3900 mm; Applicable bus body length 13700mm, the maximum passing height of the bus body is 4,200m.


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