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Duoyuan Equipment on 2004


Zhengzhou Duoyuan Bus Equipment Co., Ltd. was established to enter the field of bus in an all-round way.

Duoyuan Equipment on 2006


The company’s bus equipment was exported abroad and put into use in Angola.

Duoyuan equipment on 2007


The company has successfully developed the CNC Side Skin Roller Pressing Equipment and successfully applied it to Yutong Bus.

Duoyuan Equipment on 2009


The company successfully won the bid for Wuhan Yangtze River Bus Factory, including Welding Line, Final Assembly Line and Chassis Line. It is the first time successfully packaged all the equipment and entered the era of whole production line solution.



The company’s CNC body frame assembly Equipment has been successfully developed and applied to Yutong bus. It overcomes the problem of poor positioning accuracy and slow replacement of the original assembly. It is a revolutionary progress in bus body assembly.

Duoyuan Equipment 2012


The company’s top skin automatic welding equipment has been successfully developed and applied to Chery Automobile, Zhongtong Bus and so on.



The company has successfully developed the domestic all-aluminium body framework assembly equipment, and successfully applied to CRRC. Since then, our products have been exported to Indonesia, Vietnam and many other countries.

Duoyuan equipment on 2016


Company renamed: Zhengzhou Automobile Equipment Co., Ltd.



Our company cooperated with BYD successfully built a new energy bus factory in Los Angeles, USA.

Duoyuan Equipment on 2018


Duoyuan Equipment cooperated with China National Machinery Industry Corporation Ltd (Sinomach) had been successfully build two bus factories in Algeria.

Duoyuan Equipment on 2018


Duoyuay cooperated with Higer bus successfully built a new bus factory in Qatar. The task of Qatar project is to build an advanced production line with an annual output of 1000 buses for Qatar. The buses produced by this production line will be used to receive tourists from all over the world during the “2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar”.

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