Project Planning To Execution

Ensure the interests of the customers so that the customers can get the maximum satisfaction.


01. Engineering Support

Engineering Support

• Selection of construction site location and feasibility study for plant environment.

• Detail process design, layout design.


02. Production of Equipment

Production of Equipment

• Documentation of equipment specification
• Manufacturing
• Customs Clearance and transportation


03. Installation and Trial Operation

Installation and Trial Operation

• Installation/Trial operation and final adjustment
• Training for maintenance and operation


04. Production by customers


05. Productivity Improvement Support

Productivity Improvement Support

• Analysis/evaluation and improvement advice for logistics in plant

• Support to maximize out-put from manufacturing line


Truck Production Line,Truck Assembly Line

The truck production line is designed for high precision, fast operation. Duoyuan has been committed to the design, manufacturing and installation of truck production lines since 1998.Duoyuan continuously improving the process, and integrating advanced technology into new truck production lines.

We can provide design, manufacturing, installation services, commissioning paternity and training services.

Truck Production Line From Duoyuan

Design of the truck production line

1. Reasonably arrange each station according to the operation sequence of automobile production line, and minimize the travel of each production link.

2 degree of automation according to customer requirements and actual production needs, can be fully automatic or semi-automatic.

3 supporting conveyor device is convenient for workers and improve efficiency, and has been perfect after years of market verification, 

4 Necessary protective devices and insurance to ensure the safety of production.

5. The production line shall be continuous operation, and each station can realize continuous operation to improve production efficiency.

6. It has strong universality, and can adjust the range of equipment operation according to the vehicle size, so as to realize the production of multiple models for customers.

Designing of Duoyuan equipment

Mechanical Equipments and Workers of Duoyuan Equipment

Duoyuan owns more than 100 sets of high-tech CNC machining equipment, covering an area of more than 30,000 square meters.Most of the workers have more than 10 years of processing experience.At the same time we pay attention to details, improve the quality of service. All our operations do not allow workers to wear gloves, to improve the accuracy of the product;At the same time, we protect the surface of the equipment during assembly to ensure the gloss of the product.For the important parts of equipment, we adopt automatic robot welding to improve the welding precision and requirements.

Mechanical Equipment of truck production line in Duoyuan

At the same time, we have strict quality control, strict inspection and review before the equipment leaves the factory, to ensure that the equipment can be installed smoothly when it reaches the customer.

Transportation to Customers of the truck production line

The automobile truck production line equipment is numerous and huge, After years of development, Duoyuan has developed a set of safe and efficient loading methods. Reducing the use of containers while protecting equipment from damage.

Installation of the truck production line

Duoyuan has a professional installation team with outstanding professional skills. multiple truck assembly lines are perfectly installed in many countries by them. At the same time because Duoyuan equioment has many years of installation experience, can finished the installation of the entire production line fast.

Installation of the truck production line and truck assembly line

Commissioning and paternity

After the completion of equipment installation, we will provide debugging data to customers to ensure the normal and efficient operation of the light&heavy truck production line. At the same time, if the customer needs, we will have a professional engineer to accompany the production, for the new employees to solve the problems encountered in the production process.

Customers of Duoyuan Equipment

After-sales service 

Our professional technical team is on duty 24 hours a day. When encountering any problem of the customer, we are required to provide the solution to the customer within 2 hours. We try our best to reduce the loss of customers.

If you have any questions on the Light&heavy truck production line or truck assembly line, please contact us. Warmly welcome to visit our factory.

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