Project Planning To Execution

Ensure the interests of the customers so that the customers can get the maximum satisfaction.


01. Engineering Support

Engineering Support

• Selection of construction site location and feasibility study for plant environment.

• Detail process design, layout design.


02. Production of Equipment

Production of Equipment

• Documentation of equipment specification
• Manufacturing
• Customs Clearance and transportation


03. Installation and Trial Operation

Installation and Trial Operation

• Installation/Trial operation and final adjustment
• Training for maintenance and operation


04. Production by customers


05. Productivity Improvement Support

Productivity Improvement Support

• Analysis/evaluation and improvement advice for logistics in plant

• Support to maximize out-put from manufacturing line


Car Production Line, Car Assembly Line

Duoyuan can provide the project planning, layout, detail drawing,design,cost calculation for establishing a modern customized automatic CKD-assembly plant along with necessary production segments as press shop,body shop, machine shop, paint shop, assembly line including chassis line, trim line, final line, quality control, research&development facility with necessary technology,equipment&software for research.innovation, development work,working drawing, testing lab for testing material& equipment, logistic areas, maintenance&repair shop.utilities such as fuel pump station, power station, water pump station including reservoir, etc

Car production line of duoyuan company

Car Production Line Process

Same to other vehicle production line, Duoyuan can also provide CKD/SKD production line, with the service of Design, processing, transportation, installation, commissioning, paternity, training.Car production line consist of car welding line, car painting line, car assembly line and car testing line. If it’s SKD process, it’s only the car assembly line and car testing line.

process of can production line in Duoyuan

Customers of Duoyuan equipment on CAR PRODUCTION LINE/CAR ASSEMBLY LINE

Focus on the automobile industry for more than 20 years, DUOYUAN provides the best service to our customers, just like HAIMA vehicle,GEELY auto,FAW auto, NISSAN.

duoyuan car production line

Key government enterprises

Diversified focus on the automotive industry for more than 20 years, continuous reform and innovation.It has won a good market reputation.We are the provincial key high-tech enterprises.The mayor have repeatedly inspected the multi-equipment, and highly praised the chairman Mr. Mizhongyi, to give affirmation and support for the multi-development.On September 13, 2018, Mr. Qin hongyuan, director of municipal commission office, party committee of xinzheng municipal party committee, Mr. Qiao jianwei, deputy director of management committee of Xingang Industrial Cluster of Xinzheng City, and other party members came to visit Duoyuan automobile equipment co., LTD.

Duoyuan is the key government enterprises

What can we do about the Car production line

1.CKD project car production line

2.SKD project car assembly line

3.Enhancement of track building factory and improvement support

4.Preparation of new assembly factory production

5.Track assembly capacity up/new model production preparation

6.Equipment procurement for new plant


Service on the Car production line

1.Focus on automobile industry for more than 20 years

2.Many years cooperation with YUTONG BUS

3.Multiple overseas project experience

4.Perfect after-sale service

5.Training service


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