Bus production line

Project Planning To Execution

Ensure the interests of the customers so that the customers can get the maximum satisfaction.


01. Engineering Support

Engineering Support

• Selection of construction site location and feasibility study for plant environment.

• Detail process design, layout design.


02. Production of Equipment

Production of Equipment

• Documentation of equipment specification
• Manufacturing
• Customs Clearance and transportation


03. Installation and Trial Operation

Installation and Trial Operation

• Installation/Trial operation and final adjustment
• Training for maintenance and operation


04. Production by customers


05. Productivity Improvement Support

Productivity Improvement Support

• Analysis/evaluation and improvement advice for logistics in plant

• Support to maximize out-put from manufacturing line



Founded early, along with the vigorous development of Yutong Bus and growing, well-designed for the non-standard equipment, meet Yutong's rising productivity demands, and received consentaneous reputation. 

Duoyuan Equipment provides customer professional automobile SKD & CKD production Line. We've been focusing on vehicle production line machine for more than 20 years. With advanced production technology, we provide high value-added products offering reliable quality, safety and functionality. Quality is our commitment and we never step back from that.


 zhengzhou duoyuan Automobile Equipment Co., Ltd.


Body Frame assembly is the first process of automobile manufacturing. It is an important starting point and foundation of welding process. Body in white CNC assembly frame equipment adopts waist beam, side pillar, chassis, assembly full servo adjustable design. What is the meaning of full servo? That is, the clamping size of the tooling is controlled electrically, so it does not need to be adjusted manually, so as long as the model parameters are input, the full-automatic flexible production of the whole series of vehicles can be realized. At the same time, the design and installation of the automatic drilling system for the assembled equipment can realize the automatic drilling of the whole vehicle through programming. The electric drive servo control to change the mould automatically, which has the characteristics of fast changing speed, high positioning accuracy, convenient operation, flexible control, low failure rate, high system safety, stable and reliable clamping accuracy, etc.

Bus production line consist of bus welding line, bus painting line, bus assembly line and and bus testing line(CKD) SKD Line Consist of Bus Assembly Line and Testing Line.


Bus production line consist of 4 sections


Duoyuan Equipment's major project

Bus prodcution project production technology engineerning

Enhancement of track building factory and improvement support

Preparating of new bus assembly factory production

Track assembly capacity up/new model production preparation

Equipment procurement for new plant 

We have establish a close partnership with SCIVC Engineering Corporation and Zhengzhou Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering since establishment. We have also established closed relationship with many domestic automobile manufactures. Our domestic customers include: YUTONG, KINGLONG, SKYWELL, ZHONGTONG BUS, YINLONG BUS, ANKAI BUS, HUANGHAI BUS, NORTH NEOPLAN, HENTONG BUS, NISSAN AUTO, BYD AUTO, DONGFENG AUTO, FAW AUTO, ect


Duoyuan equipment projects



Plant process layout,Workshop process layout,Production capacity planning.

Parts production line,Welding production line,Painting line,Final assembly line,Testing line,Customized equipment.

Equipment maintenance,Guidance production process,Guidance,Process technicaldocuments,Technological tooling design.



Our oversea projects include: Algeria Higher bus, Thailand Coaster Bus, Finland bus and Chile project, ect.. 

In the international market, we have completed many high-standard CKD/SKD projects in the United States, Qatar, Pakistan, Thailand, Algeria and other countries.


zhengzhou duoyuan Automobile Equipment Co., Ltd.


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