Wuling BIW welding production line

        This project is a Wuling BIW welding production line, with a production cycle of 15JPH, to achieve flexible production of multiple models. A total of 5 robots are used in this station, of which 4 are used for automatic BIW spot welding, with the function of automatically switching welding guns; 1 set with seven axes Robot, with vision-guided automatic feeding and gluing functions. At the same time, the repeat positioning accuracy of the Open Gate flexible switching system of the assembly station is ± 0.15mm, which can realize flexible automatic switching of four models. The storage space can meet the storage space of 06 kinds of models. The switching system is driven by a servo motor, and the electrical control can realize automatic vehicle model recognition and automatic switching between warehouses. Subsequent addition of warehouse locations and switching guide rails can realize flexible automatic switching of six models. All stations of the line implement robot simulation, offline programming and virtual debugging technology, which reduces the time for on-site teaching and programming and improves the compatibility of the line for various models.

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