Ethiopia Esway K60 SKD Project


DUOYUAN Intelligent is honored to participate in the SKD project of the Esway K60 model in Ethiopia, providing a comprehensive production line equipment solution. As a project partner, we are responsible for design, manufacturing, transportation, installation, and commissioning training, ensuring the smooth progress of the project.


The project covers key components such as vehicle assembly line equipment, filling equipment, and testing line equipment. Our professional team adheres to the highest standards in design and manufacturing, ensuring the high quality and reliability of the equipment. Our experienced installation team is capable of efficiently handling transportation, installation, and commissioning tasks.


With its excellent design and manufacturing capabilities, DUOYUAN Intelligent provides high-quality assembly line and testing line equipment for the Esway K60 SKD project in Ethiopia. Our equipment design complies with international standards and incorporates advanced technology and innovative solutions to ensure the efficient operation of the production line.


We are committed to providing customized solutions to our customers and continuously improving our products and services. DUOYUAN Intelligent always puts customer needs first, offering the best production line equipment to help improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and achieve sustainable business development.


Ethiopia Esway K60 SKD Project


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Choosing DUOYUAN Intelligent as your partner, you will experience our professional capabilities and commitment. We will continue to innovate and provide excellent assembly line and testing line equipment to help our customers succeed in a highly competitive market.


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