Hyundai Modern Light Truck Cabin Project in Kazakhstan


The modern light truck cab welding line in Kazakhstan is located in the Almaty Industrial Park. The customer for this project is ASTANA MOTOR, a manufacturer of Hyundai light trucks and logistics vehicles.


The project mainly includes 5 sets of sub-assembly welding fixtures for the cab, 1 set of final assembly welding fixture, 1 column-type power grid and 32 welding tongs. The project took 6 months from design to production, shipping, and installation. The goods were shipped from Putian Station of the China-Europe Railway Express and arrived at the Almaty Railway Port in 15 days. Upon arrival at the site, our professional installation team was dispatched, and the foundation equipment installation was completed in 4 weeks, followed by a 6-week period for complete installation and commissioning. This met the customer’s requirement for mass production starting in February 2023.


Light Truck CKD Welding Line


Vehicle Assemble


The high-quality products and professional services have earned recognition and praise from the customer. We take pride in our technical capabilities and manufacturing capacity, which have contributed to the success of this project.


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