Nanchong GEELY Bus Production Line Project


In 2018, Duoyuan proudly secured a pivotal contract with the Nanchong GEELY Bus tender, marking yet another milestone in our journey of excellence. Entrusted with the responsibility of establishing a state-of-the-art Welding Line and an Assembly Line for GEELY, we delivered not just equipment but a promise of precision, efficiency, and innovation. Our offerings included two advanced bus frame assembly equipment units and 20 sets of precision welding jigs, all benchmarked to the high standards of car production.


But what truly sets Duoyuan apart? It’s our unwavering commitment to intelligent manufacturing. Embedded with the latest technology, our tools, and machinery are designed to empower GEELY Bus’s production capabilities, ensuring unparalleled production line efficiency and product quality. Every welding jig, every assembly line component, speaks of our dedication to perfection and precision.


Our high standards, mirroring those of elite car production equipment, are a testament to our prowess in intelligent manufacturing. With Duoyuan by your side, you’re not just getting equipment but investing in reliability, long-term performance, and minimal maintenance. For GEELY Bus, this means a production line always at its peak, ensuring enhanced production efficiency and unmatched product quality.


Shop installation and commissioning:


Vehicle Assemble


On-site installation:


Vehicle Assemble


As-built display:


Vehicle Assemble


Duoyuan is a beacon of innovation and expertise in the ever-evolving automotive manufacturing world. Our success with the GEELY Bus tender is more than a business achievement; it demonstrates our leadership in intelligent manufacturing for automotive production lines. Partner with Duoyuan, and let’s drive the future of automotive excellence together!

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